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December 16th, Installation of new officers, 1:00 P.M., Sedro-Woolley Senior Center

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August 26, 2010 Membership meeting Sedro-Woolley Senior Center

There was no Board meeting today.

Pat Hyatt, President opened the meeting.

Pat generously gave plants to Bonna Beitler, Barbara Thompson and Lola Ellestad for all their help in making the position of president run smoothly.

Lola read thank you notes she had received from the scholarship awardees.

This meeting will be discussion of the things that went well at the picnic and anything that could be improved upon that should be noted for the planning of the picnic next year.

  1. The tents next year should have NO stakes except for the 20 x 40 tents. The stakes were a liability this year… 2 people fell. The neon tapes to attract attention to the support ropes will be at eye level next year.

  2. Next year the location of the 20 x 40 tents will have first choice.

  3. Setting up procedure will start with the work tents location… then on to 20 x 40 tents and finally the class tents.

  4. We need more help at the station where dues and dinner money is accepted. We will have to revise this work spot for dues, memorials and scholarships. Three people are needed at this station.

  5. The dinner ticket distributing went well. Next year the dinner registration form should not be left in the envelope.

  6. We need a better form to be used when people are signing up for dues, memorials, etc.

  7. The people in general thought the work crew coffee and treats were for them. Either we make coffee for everyone or remove it when the work crew is through.

  8. The upper level-parking people (Reidar Utgard and Bob Wallin) thought there should be section on the lower level for handicapped parking. We could also have an area on the upper level for some handicapped parking. Mostly the people cooperated and the crime tape worked well.

There was no problem in the greeter’s area. The small tent was great protection from the sun. Everyone seemed happy.

Registration went OK but they felt rushed. Lola will need to slow down the foot traffic.

Meal ticket area went smoothly. Next year we will have one part ticket rather than the two-part ticket we used this year. Need a sign at the beginning of the line up that they must have their tickets.

The entire group of people were served in 20 minutes. The double dinner line really helped.

The idea of going by graduation years was a good procedure for the older people.

We need to have money aprons for the ticket sellers.

We need to have a person in charge of placing garbage cans at convenient places. We need more lined garbage cans.

The raffle ticket table needs a person for tearing apart the tickets. We talked about having raffle gifts donated by people or businesses. Virginia felt we needed a runner of tickets to the person selling tickets.

The MC needs to talk to the people about donations and scholarships. Need to talk about the ways we sponsor sales to increase our scholarship funds. All should support our sales.

Sound system … All felt it was good. Possibly we could have more speakers. The speaker needs to get the attention of the group before starting to talk. We all felt that Bob Dow should be MC again next year.

This year the hours were listed as 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. We served dinner at 1:00 p.m.

That seemed satisfactory.

All felt we needed another photographer. Anyone having pictures should email them to Lola or bring them to the next meeting for the Archive Committee.. Judy can put pictures on our Blog.

Sal and his son did a good job parking cars. He helped load sound equipment for Barbara to take back to Bellingham.

Plans discussed for 2011 picnic. Earlene Walley and Joanne Bruno volunteered to take dinner tickets. Bonna will continue procurement of raffle prizes. Will help at prize table. Lola will direct traffic.

Registrars … Bud Jones, Shirley Arthur and George McRae will continue with that position.

We will continue to borrow tables from the Senior Center.. Janet Joy used 10 tables for serving. We need more lemonade if it is hot.

Pat wants to make a complete expense and profit report of the picnic at our next meeting. Please turn in all expenses.

Bonna Beitler presented the treasurer’s assist report. Four dues were paid… $40…. three donations … $121…. Fourteen memorials… $335. Total August receipts… $496.00.

\Susan Zitka reported the plaques have been engraved and are placed back at the school. She reported the family of Jack Newcomer informed her their scholarship could be placed in the general applications rather than have it just for a musical scholarship.

We discussed the fall mailing. Should it be in November? Shall we mail just to email people or for e-mail people plus the entire membership. This will be discussed next month. If we have the mailing, we need articles about the picnic, scholarships, how people can get involved and how people can volunteer in many areas. Joanne felt the newsletter should be early enough to get a supply for the Homecoming Football game. We need to have current news and forms in the newsletter for dues and scholarship applications

We should have a notice in the paper about the annual meeting.

Gene Johnson, Pat Hyatt and Reidar Ytgard told jokes and the meeting was adjourned.

Lola Ellestad, Secretary


May 26, 2010 Membership meeting Sedro-Woolley Senior Center


Pat Hyatt opened the meeting.

Attendance 17
The minutes of the April meeting were read and approved as read.

Susan Zitka reported Jim Harden is still at Harborview and there has been no change.


SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE REPORT: Susan Zitka reported on the scholarships awarded. The Board had voted their approval of the names at the Board meeting. The Jack Newcomer family did not feel there was a strong music application and they would like that scholarship held for next year. The Alumni Association presented six scholarships and the Class of 1971 presented ten scholarships.

WAYS & MEANS COMMITTEE REPORT: Doreen reported there were 854 geraniums sold at $3.00 each. 61 geraniums were not sold and these were returned to Thompson’s Nursery. All of Shirley Arthur’s tomatoes sold. Net gain from the Geranium and Bake sale was $2,157.46. Doreen thanked all the workers.

MEMBERSHIP MEETING REPORT: Barbara Thompson reported on the May 15, 2010 membership meeting held at the Senior Center. About 30 people attended. There were a lot of concerns to encourage younger people to join the Alumni. Earlene Walley thought there is a lack of interest in most clubs. Just a few people do most of the work. Joanne Bruno wondered if more advertisement of our meetings would help. Bonna Beitler thought the MC at the picnic could emphasize the need of more people to come and enjoy the fundraisers and working together to help our students thru education. He could tell the people at the picnic what we have done and what our future plans are. Pat Hyatt thought we need a shorter note to welcome the people at the picnic. Susan Zitka thought our classmates should be encouraged to come get involved. Maybe a personal invitation would help.

It was announced that our oldest member, Nellie McLennan died April 29, 2010. She graduated with the Class of 1925.

PICNIC COMMITTEE REPORT: Barbara Thompson announced the next picnic committee meeting would be at Pat Hyatt’s home on June 9, 2010. We will wrap the silverware while Barbara informs all of us the things that need to be done. We have 16 members on the picnic committee.

Bob Wallin had met with the new Riverfront Park caretaker, Glen Gardner. Mr. Gardner felt we needed a real effort to keep the people from parking on the grass. Bob and Reider Utgard will be a committee of two to undertake that job.


Barbara discussed the set-up for the picnic. Ed Hoyt has volunteered to help with the arrangement of the tents. Four classes have stated they want individual tents. Each class is responsible for ordering their class tent. We discussed the sound system. Barbara said there would be extra cord ordered so we could move the speakers to the best advantage for all to hear the MC. There will be two serving lines. Barbara and Pat will meet with Bob Dow this week.

Meal ticket collectors will be Earlene Walley and Joanne Bruno. Each person shall be required to have a ticket before they eat.


Virginia Engen and Joann Hanna Small will be at the raffle ticket table. Pat Hyatt and Marlene Mendoza will be handing out the envelopes with the meal ticket.

The meal serving time will be 1:00 p.m. Several people will be asked to take pictures.

Bob Wallin told of his idea to have graduation pictures of each class on display for added interest.

Joanna had some ideas from a web site person that we can review.

Reider Ytgard told a joke.

Meeting adjourned.

Lola Ellestad, Secretary


April 28, 2010 Membership Meeting Sedro-Woolley Senior Center

Attendance…. 17

Pat Hyatt opened the meeting.

The minutes were read and approved as read. A motion was made to accept the minutes as read. Carried.


Assistant treasure’s report: Bonna Beitler reported total dues received 62 memberships….. $620. Eight Lifetime memberships received…. $800. Seven Donations received… $130. Nine memorials received…$350. Forty… Fifteen dollar picnic dinner reservations received… $675. Total receipts for April..$2,575.00.



FINANCIAL COMMITTEE REPORT: Gene Johnson reported our March total balance is $233,849.20. He reported the balances on the scholarship funds …Class of 1971, Susan Batey McKinley, Jack Newcomer, and Ole Harang. We discussed the estimated expenses and receipts for the year of 2010. The dues receipts are used for expenses. The newsletter and picnic expenses are the majority of our expenses. We will monitor this to see if we can stay within the budget. The use of e-mail addresses will help with the newsletter mailing expense.


Pat reported the expense of the newsletter. She sent a list of the expenses to Eric for a refund. She reported that working with Erin at Fed-Ex was wonderful. The printing of our address on the #10 envelopes and blocking out the stamp imprint, the stock card form printing, picnic registration forms printed and cut, labels printed, printing 4,500 two sided newsletter and folding. Total was 1,205.57. The cost of mailing was $699.71. Total cost $1,905.28.


SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE REPORT: Susan Zitka will collect all completed scholarship applications. The Committee will then meet and select the students for the scholarships to be awarded.

WAYS AND MEANS COMMITTEE REPORT: Doreen Brown reported on the upcoming Geranium and Tomato plant Baked Goods sale. Lyle and Verna McClure will have coffee made for the public; Bud Jones will put signs out. Price for plants will be $3.00.


MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE REPORT: Judy Johnson reported on the blog activity. Have had several hits and now have “followers”. She has put the May 15th Membership meeting information on the blog.

Pat commended Joanna for her good work on the Newsletter.

NEWSLETTER REPORT: Joanna Bruno thanked all that help on the Newsletter. Bonna helped proof read the Newsletter, The mail stuffing crew were terrific, she has contacted Frank Jenkins to place the Newsletter on his web site. In the fall, she wants to put the scholarship information in the Newsletter. She plans to place Newsletters at the picnic, Chamber of Commerce, etc.

PICNIC COMMITTEE REPORT: Barbara Thompson reported the Committee meeting was productive. Tents will be delivered between 10:00 and 12:00 or after 1:00 p.m. on Friday July 9th. Ed Hoyt will help with set up if he is able. Three classes have ordered tents; the number of “pop-up” tens needed was discussed. Bud Jones and Gene Johnson will shop for two tents to have on hand. Nathan from the parks department will help on Friday with the set up. The new caretakers at the park have been informed they should help. Bernice Oakes contacted Marian Harang and she will provide the gourmet fish for one of the prizes. We will have four lines for the food. The next picnic meeting will be at Plat Hyatt’s on June 9th.


The $10 Membership cards will be discontinued. We will mail cards to Lifetime members only. This should be mentioned at the picnic.

Robin Taylor Class of ’61 was introduced as a new guest.

Gene Johnson and Reidar Ytgard told jokes.

Meeting adjourned.

Lola Ellestad, Secretary

October 28, 2009 Board and MEMBERSHIP MEETING.. S-W Senior Center


Ed Hoyt opened the Board meeting. He announced that this would be his last year as president and his last year to serve on the SWHSAA Board.

The minutes of the September meeting were read and approved as read.


He began with the review of the proposed Lifetime membership benefit. He felt it would be a benefit to the younger members.


Gene wondered how many of the Board would have questions or comments. Ed compared records for the past 5 to 10 years. He told of the decline in membership of the older people and the increase in the younger members.


Ed said there were a lot of people that paid in advance and one person has paid ten years. The Newsletter has the information about the Lifetime membership and he said he planned to give a certificate to those that bought the Lifetime membership. The certificate would be the same each year except to change the year awarded. This should be a non-transferable membership. He plans to use ivory colored paper.

Ed has added this to the By-laws. We did not have a vote on the certificate or the card.


Several people began coming in to the expected 1:00 p.m. general meeting so Ed said we should extend the Board Meeting into the Membership meeting.


This is now the General Membership meeting.


Lola read the minutes again and they were approved as read.


Ed continued with the discussion concerning the Lifetime Membership. We would have younger members coming in all the time to replace the decline in membership of the 30s and 40s.


He said they had discussed the Lifetime Membership previously and it was the general concession that the group had and that is how they came up with the $100 amount to charge. Ed asked if anyone had any questions. Lola stated she thought the fee should be higher maybe $200 and they should only be eligible to purchase the Lifetime membership at the age of 65. Lola referred to the information that was presented at an earlier meeting and one school had charged $450 for their lifetime membership. Ed said he wanted to make it attractive to the masses and not to just a few. Ed asked for any other comments at this time.


Ed described the lifetime membership certificate and card. They had several that paid last year for three years He has the announcement in the newsletter and he has worked up the lifetime membership certificate. Only the year would be changed each time. It is stated in the By-laws that the membership is non-transferable .

Ed thanked all those that had mailed him get-well cards.


Bonna Beitler gave the Assistant Treasurer’s report. There were 5 memorials….. $80., 1 dues/2009 ..$10., 3 dues/2010…$30. 1 Estate donation …. $5,000. Total deposits for September 2009… $5,120.


WAYS & MEANS COMMITTEE: Doreen Brown reported the Bazaar will be November 7, 2009. We need help…can come to set up late Friday afternoon. Please sign up to help. The more the merrier. The baked goods need to be sealed. Can have jams, jellies, etc. like we did last year. She listed many things that sell well. The sale must be closed by 4:00 p.m. so everything left over at that time, will be given to the Soroptomists. Try to mark all the baked goods. Doreen is now selling tickets for the jackpot drawing today. She made coffee for all of us to enjoy.


FINANCIAL COMMITTEE REPORT: Gene Johnson reported on the General account. The balance at this time is $218,766.70. The CD that expired has been changed from Horizon Bank to Washington Federal in Sedro-Woolley. The CD recently purchased will be for six months. It will earn 1.4 interest and will have a 6-month roll over.


SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE REPORT: Susan Zitka reported that the Scholarship applications are out to the High Schools. She has mailed the college information. The Plaques at the high school have been updated.


MEMBERSHIP REPORT: Pat Hyatt reported there was good news and there was bad news. There were not a lot of people from the outside at the October 3rd meeting other that our members but there certainly was enough people there that we had a good roundtable discussion on ways we might attract others to join our Alumni. The previous Class membership meetings used first class mail and we used e-mail letters. The e-mail address did not allude to SWHSAA as we thought it did. We had 18 people there and we had a great discussion about what we want to accomplish as an Alumni. We are really looking forward to another successful meeting. The magnets were discussed as an advertising tool and since there was a quorum of Board Members in attendance, we voted to purchase 500 magnets to pass out at the Bazaar. Another meeting was discussed to be held in January.


NEWSLETTER REPORT: Ed showed a copy mock up and said it will be ready to take to the printer by November 1st. Ed asked how we wanted the return address on the newsletter to be addressed. There are three choices. 1. It can be John Doe or current resident. It will go to that address whether John Doe lives there or not. 2. Return service requested. When you do that .. if John Doe has moved.. we would get it back as first class mail with a sticker attached. If the letter is returned with the new address, we will then readdress and forward to the corrected address. 3. Address services requested. If John Doe has moved, they would forward the letter to John Doe and send us a photo copy of the newsletter with John Doe’ current address. They will charge 51 cents for that photocopy if it is within six months…higher if the time is more than six months.

Bonna Beitler thought we should send it out as we did last year. We have 638 members now in 2009, 2007…486, 2006…. 446, 2005 we had 607 paid members.


A motion was made by Joanna Bruno to use the number one suggested way of mailing the Newsletter. All those in favor of changing it on the Newsletter from “Address service requested” to “Return service requested” . That is the difference. Motion carried. Ed suggested we try it this time because we will be sending out only about 500 newsletters.

Back to the Lifetime Membership. The Lifetime membership was discussed at last month’s Board and it was carried over to the General meeting. It was voted on after a lengthy discussion to go with $100. They also decided on a certificate and a membership card.


Ed described how the printer would print the certificate showing the year 2010 and then the next year the printer would print in 2011. Joanna Bruno asked why it mattered if the year was entered….. It is a lifetime membership. Lola asked if that was something she could make up on purchased forms. Ed said the printer could do it. Lola suggested she could do it for nothing and the printer would charge. Lola asked what the printer would charge and Ed did not know. Lola said she would make them if he wanted her to do it. Ed said he would just as soon let the printer do it. Joanna

thought we needed to know how much it was going to cost us each year.

Gene suggested if someone wants to do something we should let him or her do it.

Ed said he has contacted FedEx about the certificates.


Ed asked if the $100 Lifetime membership charge was acceptable. Lola thought it should be a higher dollar amount but it was voted to be that amount. Someone then said if it was voted on then it is a done deal. Ed then described the suggestion that he mentioned last year that he indicated it would bring in a good supply of money. Younger members will be joining the Alumni all the time and it may appeal to them. It will appeal to the mid 50s and younger but not to the older people. Ed stated this year there were about 100 people that paid in advance.

Ed made the statement that our expenses have always exceeded the dues collection.

Gene thought when we could send information out by e-mail, which would cut our expenses a lot. He felt that $6000 was too much for a small group to pay for operating expenses.


Lola read a letter from Ryan Windish that he was hesitant to give us the Class of 1989 listing because he wondered how we would be using these names. I had told him that we might be sending the meeting minutes to every member each month. He felt there were many in the class that might consider this spam mail. He felt several in his class would not appreciate a monthly letter. Joanna Bruno said we could have the notice in the first letter that if they did not wish to receive the information they could disenroll.


Ed brought up the possibility of making a brochure that Lola could send to those that request information about our Alumni. Bob Wallin had contacted Western Washington University to see if there might be help available through a class project. Western has made many changes… they no longer have a brochure but have a nice portfolio. Their Foundation Department offered to help us. We will discuss this further.


Lola reported on the homecoming plans that had been proposed by an A. McTaggert, at the High School. They wanted us to participate in a spaghetti feed. Mrs. McTaggert apologized for the late notice and will contact us next year. This could have been an opportunity to work directly with the school.


Ed asked Lola to send the notice of the annual meeting to the S. V. Herald, Courier, Burlington Argus, Anacortes American, KBRC and KAPS. He had sent the information to the Chamber of Commerce.


NOMINATION COMMITTEE REPORT. Gene Johnson, Bud Jones and Lola Ellestad had talked to several and now wish to present their proposed slate of officers to the members.

President……………….Pat Hyatt

Vice President…………Doreen Brown

Secretary……….………Lola Ellestad

Treasurer………..……..Eric Stendal

Assistant Secretary........Tammy Olson

Assistant Treasurer……Bonna Beitler

Ed Hoyt would like Barbara Thompson’s name to be added as a nomination for President. That should be done at the next meeting.


Reider Ytgard told a joke and the Meeting was adjourned.

Lola Ellestad, Secretary